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Re: AucTeX

From: arthur.chereau
Subject: Re: AucTeX
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 15:59:31 +0100

> | First, I'd like to keep the xdvi window always opened, that is:
> | - the first time I compile the source from emacs, emacs opens an xdvi window
> |   with the corresponding dvi
> | - I don't need to close xdvi to recompile
> | - when I recompile with auctex, xdvi updates the dvi
> This is how things work for me, using the default out-of-the-box
> configuration of auctex.  I just need to click in the xdvi window in
> order to update it (which is a little annyoing, I agree).

Here's what I do:
- open the file
- C-c C-c      --> LaTeX
- C-c C-c      --> View (xdvi starts)
- modify the file and save it
- C-c C-c      --> LaTeX

Now I have:
Process `View' for document `test' running, kill it? (y or n) n
TeX-process-check: Cannot have two processes for the same document


Faites un voeu et puis Voila !

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