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Re: emacs rmail. How to convert .doc to plain text

From: Zap Branigan
Subject: Re: emacs rmail. How to convert .doc to plain text
Date: 22 Nov 2002 14:06:00 -0800
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>>>>> "Don" == Don Saklad <> writes:

    Don> How do you convert .doc to plain text in emacs rmail?... 

When people send me .doc attachments, I usually reply to them asking
them not to send me things in such proprietary formats as I am unable
to read.  I understand that such a course is not always open to other
people, though.  This little filter works acceptably for text documents
but not so well if there are graphics in the .doc:

Consider yon black dog, ranging thru stubble and shoot,
Meseems he coileth magic meshes 
To be a sometime fetter 'round out feet.
The circle narrows.  He draws near!                        _Faust_  

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