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Re: (Newbie) How to turn AutoFill-mode on/off

From: Elaine Sims
Subject: Re: (Newbie) How to turn AutoFill-mode on/off
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 19:38:39 GMT
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Michael Slass  wrote:

>Elaine Sims <> writes:
>>(Sorry for the double post - just found the correct newsgroup).
>>I'm new to Xemacs and want to know if there is a way to undo Auto-Fill 
>>mode after I've saved my doc and reopened it.

>It will be easier to give you a good answer with a more specific
>notion of your target.  Tell us what your ultimate goal is, and what's
>wrong with what emacs is doing for you now, (ie - what are you doing
>with the doc that makes you not like the line breaking?) and you're
>likely to get a good answer.
>Mike Slass

I'm a writer.  And I have just started learning Xemacs and have found that it's 
editing capabilities are superior to any wordprocessor I've ever used. (like 
C-x-t, C-x-e, C-t, etc,etc).

But the problem is: typing in text-mode and seeing the little arrow at the end 
of the line and the breaks mid-word  is a distraction.  I'm much more 
comfortable looking at the screen in auto-fill mode. 

But then if I open the text in a word processor (AbiWord, Word) it retains the 
line breaks, which I have to manually delete to reform the paragraphs.  If I 
have to do that to a 100,000 word manuscript I'll go crazy.  

Actually the only reason I'm opening the file at all in a word processor is 
because I haven't learned how to format and print out my manuscripts from 
Xemacs (with double spacing and headers and page numbers) yet.

If I could do it all from within Xemacs that would be preferrable.

And I'm not adverse to learning a little LISP to do it.

Any help I can get would be appreciated.



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