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Re: Mac OS X: Rebuild Require after Security Update 2002-11-21

From: Josh DuBois
Subject: Re: Mac OS X: Rebuild Require after Security Update 2002-11-21
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 18:55:19 GMT
User-agent: Thoth/1.5.9 (Carbon/OS X)

I wiped all the emacs remnants out of /usr/local and the CVS tip built
after that.  

I always have to make one change when I build, though: I have to add
"x-win.el" to the DONTCOMPILE list in lisp/Makefile.  I would generate
a patch for this, but 
a.) it's trivial, and 
b.) I suspect something may be wrong with my build tree, anyway,
because I'm still not getting emacs in a .app wrapper.  However, I have
a terminal version that works so I'll live with that for now.

One other note: I had also previously run the disk utility to fix
permissions, although on my machine there only seemed to be one file
with less permissive attributes than it should have had, and that file
was in NetInfo, so I doubt the permissions thing did much for me.  

Thanks for the help.  I hope the notes above can help someone else


In article <op5E9.128899$1O2.9316@sccrnsc04>, Hugo Wolf
<> wrote:

> In article <>, Josh DuBois wrote:
> > Anyone got a working version built *after* installation of the security
> > patch that  they can post? 
> I have one I can post, but I don't have anywhere to post it.  If you
> can point me at server I can upload to, I'll do it immediately.
> > (or, better yet, know why the build breaks
> > on some machines?)
> Several possiblities were mentioned in the earlier discussion.  Did
> you investigate all those?

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