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Re: Mac OS X: Rebuild Require after Security Update 2002-11-21

From: Josh DuBois
Subject: Re: Mac OS X: Rebuild Require after Security Update 2002-11-21
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 21:29:28 GMT
User-agent: Thoth/1.5.9 (Carbon/OS X)

In article <2saE9.129768$QZ.21311@sccrnsc02>, Hugo Wolf
<> wrote:

> I had a feeling that was the source of trouble -- either that or not
> doing 'make distclean' first.  
I had done a make distclean already, so it seems to have been the stuff
in /usr/local (wouldn't guarantee it, though).

> > I always have to make one change when I build, though: I have to add
> > "x-win.el" to the DONTCOMPILE list in lisp/Makefile.  I would generate
> > a patch for this, but 
> > a.) it's trivial, and 
> > b.) I suspect something may be wrong with my build tree, anyway,
> > because I'm still not getting emacs in a .app wrapper.  
> You shouldn't have to make this change, and you should have an
> in the emacs/mac directory.  Did you run the configure step
> with "--with-carbon"?  Last time this came up someone posted their
> build steps and they'd omitted this.  I pointed it out, but there was
> never any further response on the subject.

I specified --with-carbon and --without-x, and I still had to alter the
DONTCOMPILE list.  I have no X-windows on this machine: do most people
build with X installed?  

> Is that really any more useful than Apple's build?
No, it's not ;-(.  What I really want is a nice LaTeX mode.  I've got
to go away from my internet connection now, but perhaps I'll try to
investigate more when I can.


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