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Re: Mac OS X: Rebuild Require after Security Update 2002-11-21

From: Josh DuBois
Subject: Re: Mac OS X: Rebuild Require after Security Update 2002-11-21
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 08:11:19 GMT
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In <Y5cE9.101227$> Hugo Wolf  wrote:

Well, in case anyone else is having the same difficulty, my problem was 
that I had a completely innapropriate build system (I'm running OS 10.2.
2 but had the devtools from 10.1 installed).  

Now that installed the correct developer tools from apple's web-site cvs 
compiles out of the box (except for the current, temporary problem with 
faces.el & cus-face.el), with no modification to exclude x-win.el, and I 
get an wrapper.

Thanks for all the help - hope I didn't add too much confusion to the 

Cheers - 


In article <>, Josh DuBois 
> wrote:
>> I specified --with-carbon and --without-x, and I still had to alter 
>> the DONTCOMPILE list. > Very strange.  Sounds like it's trying to 
>> compile something
> Windows-specific and therefore failing, but I don't understand why
> these configuration options would lead to that result.
>> I have no X-windows on this machine: do most people
>> build with X installed?  
> I don't know about most people, but I've had XFree installed pretty
> much as long as I've been running osx.  I have plenty of occasions to
> run xemacs remotely on my Mac.  Otoh for these purposes it shouldn't
> matter one way or the other if you configure emacs --without-x (as I
> do).

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