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Re: Loading files at startup (desktop) and revert-buffer leave buffers *

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: Loading files at startup (desktop) and revert-buffer leave buffers **.
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 10:02:46 -0700
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Alan Mackenzie wrote:

Hi, everybody.  My problem was nothing whatsoever to do with desktop.

What was happening was that I was setting text properties on these files'
buffers immediately after loading them (I think that loading a file
counts as a "change" for after-change-functions).  Setting text
properties marks a file as changed.

I don't see why setting text properties should mark a file as changed.
It seems to me that text properties are more an internal lisp structure,
and the buffer-changed flag should reflect only changes to the contents
of the buffer - i.e. that were the buffer to be saved, it would have
different contents from the file that had been loaded.  What is the
thinking behind this use of the buffer-changed flag?

File: elisp,  Node: Changing Properties,  Next: Property Search,  Prev: 
Examining Properties,  Up: Text Properties

Changing Text Properties

   The primitives for changing properties apply to a specified range of
text.  The function `set-text-properties' (see end of section) sets the
entire property list of the text in that range; more often, it is
useful to add, change, or delete just certain properties specified by

   Since text properties are considered part of the buffer's contents,
and can affect how the buffer looks on the screen, any change in the
text properties is considered a buffer modification.  Buffer text
property changes are undoable (*note Undo::.).

Anyhow, apologies to anybody I sent off on a wild goose chase tracking
down this non-existent bug.

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