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Re: wrapping mode lines?

From: Jeff Rancier
Subject: Re: wrapping mode lines?
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 13:18:47 -0500

*If* you don't need all the stuff in your mode line, I'd look at  I've asked this before, but
never got any responses, which typically means, (1) it's in TFM, or (2) it
was designed in and it's more work than feasible.


"Jonathan Meeks" <> wrote in message">
> I have a lot of text on my mode line and the text often runs off the
> screen.  Does anyone know of a way to have mode lines wrap (like the
> minibuffer does in emacs21)?  I suppose I could reduce the amount of
> text on the mode, but I would prefer to wrap it
> Thanks,
> Jonathan

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