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Re: ToDo mode (completed items)

From: Mark Mynsted
Subject: Re: ToDo mode (completed items)
Date: 25 Nov 2002 16:06:36 -0600
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>>>>> "Kai" == Kai Großjohann <> writes:

Kai> Mark Mynsted <> writes:
>> All I see from the documentation, etc. is that completed items may be
>> moved to a file called .todo-done.  While this is good, I do not see a
>> way to review, print, or otherwise manipulate these completed items.

Kai> Ha!  I think C-x C-f ~/.todo-done RET is where the fun starts.  Or
Kai> ends, as the case may be.


Kai> Yeah, there should be a way to manipulate the items.

>> Is this because there is no mechanism to work with completed items?  I
>> do not want to write one if one exists.

Kai> Does it mean you want to write one if none exists? ;-)
Kai> *drool*

I must admit I would rather not, but if it proves to be the shortest,
most direct route to good "todo" management I guess I will do it.  I
will first check out the other options you discuss.

>> Also, what todo list "tools" do you use from emacs?

Kai> I've heard reports from people using outline-mode.  C-k and C-y are
Kai> your friends for manipulating those :-)


Kai> Then there is records mode.

Kai> Then there is Hyperbole.

That sounds like the "diary" content...

Kai> Then there is planner.el

Kai> Then there is organizer-mode.

Kai> Then there is todoo (note the extra o) which is kind of like a
Kai> cross-breed between outline mode and todo mode.

So many to try...

>> Did Kia create one that worked with Gnus?  (I may have dreamed that...)

Kai> Oops.  Caught me...

Ah Ha! :-)

Kai> It's called gnus-todo or todo-gnus I think.  But it was taken and
Kai> improved by John Wiegley.  Now it's called nntodo, if I'm not
Kai> mistaken.  I think John does not have time to maintain it anymore and
Kai> gave it back to me.  And I don't have time, either...

Kai> And then there is another alternative called nndiary.

Where can I get nntodo and nndiary?

Kai> Oh, there is also a package which provides an Rmail-like interface to
Kai> things which are like bug reports.  Sounds a lot like todo items, only
Kai> without deadlines.  IIRC, it had a way to interface with Rmail, the
Kai> thinking was that many such things are based on an email.  Maybe it
Kai> was called something with `bugtracker' in its name.

Kai> There is also GNATS (don't confuse it with GNAT), now called PRMS
Kai> maybe.  It has an Emacs interface which looks somewhat like MH-E.

Kai> Isn't it fascinating that there is such a large assortment of modes
Kai> and packages that you can use?  Maybe the way people want to interact
Kai> with their todo items is very diverse so that's where the many tools
Kai> come from.

Wow, there are so many!  (Mark is now assigning self many todos to
check out the many todo programs...  I can't help feeling like I am
somehow trapped in a circular dependency.)  ;-)

Thank you Kai!

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