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Re: Cygwin Emacs

From: borch
Subject: Re: Cygwin Emacs
Date: 26 Nov 2002 02:11:12 -0800

kai wrote: 

>Does this also happen when you start Emacs as "emacs -q


But im kicking myself right now for not trying F1 sooner :) - it
works. However another problem that i forgot to mention in my initial
post is that i cant make a clean exit from emacs. C-x C-c as it says
in the opening screen, doesnt work. After a little investigation it
seems that emacs generally mistakes C-c for C-g. I asked for a key
decription of C-x C-c and it told me that C-x C-g was undefined, i
then asked for a key description of just C-c and it gave me the
description of C-g, so it seems pretty conclusive.

This program has obviously not been tested or such a bug would have
quickly been discovered. Note that i havent changed any key bindings
or other configurations - this is the way the program "works" right
after installation.

The way ive "exited" emacs lately has been by suspending it (C-x C-z).
It brings me back to the shell, but i suspect it leaves all sorts of
stuff in memory and/or on my harddrive so its not very pretty.


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