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gnuemacs over cablemodem has continuous packet traffic

From: Gautam H. Thaker
Subject: gnuemacs over cablemodem has continuous packet traffic
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 12:41:22 -0500
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I use gnuemacs over SSH over my cable modem. Emacs is run at my office and displayed on my home Linux machine's X server. Everything works great, but I notice that when gnuemacs is up there a steady ~ 10 pkts/sec traffic over the cable modem. Ethereal shows these are SSH packets. As soon as I exit gnuemacs these go away.

I have tried things like not having mouse avoidance mode on, not displaying time or load in mode line, but still the background traffic persists.

How can I make gnuemacs not have this much background traffic? Would "compression" help or does this only makes packets smaller but does not eliminate them? Just trying to learn if anyone else sees all this packet traffic.

I am use emacs version 21.2.2,  RedHat 7.1 with all the udpates.



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