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Re[2]: get stdout/stderr while running a program

From: Nagash
Subject: Re[2]: get stdout/stderr while running a program
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 11:08:08 +0100

Hello Victor,

Friday, November 29, 2002, 10:54:02 AM, you wrote:

>>  i've got a small problem with c-programs writing on
>>  stdout/stderr. i cannot see the output while running the
>>  program over the emacs shell access.
>>  after exiting the program the buffer gets filled.
>>  a simultaneous output mode would be nice for debug...

> Does your program flush the output?
yes, but only after exiting the program.

>   What happens if you run
>   it from a shell outside of emacs?
all output is immediately visible.

a little example:
/* c-code */
printf("my output");
/* "my output" now visible in the shell */

/* ... other lines of nice code */

/* "my output" now visible in my emacs buffer */

its a little bit exhausting to switch always between a shell
and emacs. it interrupts my working flow.

thanks for your help!

Best regards,


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