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RE: Re[2]: get stdout/stderr while running a program

From: Victor Kirk
Subject: RE: Re[2]: get stdout/stderr while running a program
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 10:34:11 -0000

Assuming there is not a probelm with emacs.  presumably 
other programs work fine under the shell.

> a little example:
> /* c-code */
> printf("my output");
> /* "my output" now visible in the shell */

stdout is buffered, so this is only output when the buffer
is full.  What happens if you explicity flush the output by

printf("my output");

> exit(0);
> /* "my output" now visible in my emacs buffer */

This would cause the file buffer to be flushed to the output.

> its a little bit exhausting to switch always between a shell
> and emacs. it interrupts my working flow.

Quite right. One of the most useful things about running a
shell under emacs is you can search through the program's
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