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Re: How to see the value of each char in a string?

From: David Combs
Subject: Re: How to see the value of each char in a string?
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 22:24:28 +0000 (UTC)

In article <zX8F9.57$>,
Barry Margolin  <> wrote:
>In article <as345n$h78$>,
>David Combs <> wrote:
>>Here's the reason for my question: figuring out this (taken 
>>from *shell*):
>>   20 ==/dkcjunk/pstree-19.3==> ls /tfile11--myexternals-opt
>>What in the world caused all those ^G's?
>Something was trying to ring the bell, but I'm not sure what.

The problem is -- how to get *out* of it!

^C^C does nothing.

Nor does my keying a ^G or several of them.


Now, I don't want to kill emacs -- just that one
job I started from *shell*.

An easy way to get stuck in the ^G's output is to,
at a *shell* prompt, simply do "man <something longer
than one page>.  

Like this:

9 ==/dkcjunk/pstree-19.3==> man whatis
*** output flushed ***    <<<=== I did a ^O here. (subsequent ^O's: no effect)



           Table of contents and keyword database

Note how each time I hit a <return> it types out
only *one* line.

And yet again (due to this my advertent man whatis (should
have done M-x man)), I'm forced to rename the *shell*
buffer to something else, and M-x shell a new one.

(I'll wait a bit first, before doing that.)


I just tried a trick (failed) to do a ps -ef (I'm running solaris)
without a new *shell* -- from a dired-buffer, I did "!"
and then "ps -ef", but didn't work.

Ok, from another cde-window I found it and killed it;
*shell* now cured.


(Just found why the dired ! ps -ef didn't work -- got the
direded file as arg; ! ps -ef ; echo     does work.

So does ! ps -ef #

Someone ought to document that, in the emacs manual.)


But my main question still is -- shouldn't I be able to kill
that man command from *within* that same *shell*

Any ideas?


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