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Re: splitting mail in Gnus

From: Cor Gest
Subject: Re: splitting mail in Gnus
Date: 02 Oct 2003 12:37:54 +0000

GOD fixed his bugs by throwing the misbehaving out of his Garden. 
So who the hell do you think you are in leaving bugs in your system.  
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Begin  of a quotation from a message written by mere mortal:
        Roger Mason <>:

> Hello,
> Firstly, thanks for the replies to my previous posting on Gnus.  That
> problem is now resolved.
> Reading the info pages I find it is possible to split mail into
> different groups.  Accordingly, I have these lines in my .gnus file.
> (setq gnus-secondary-select-methods '((nnml "")))
> (setq nnmail-split-methods ....)
> The first by default puts mail in nnml:mail.misc and the second into
> groups, each associated with a regexp that is used to filter the incoming
> messages.
> It is not clear to me which of these lines takes precedence: after
> all there is no point in setting up a filter if the messages will all
> end up in nnml:mail.misc and never see the filter.
> I tried commenting out (setq gnus-secondary-select-methods '((nnml
> ""))), but then all my mail groups appeared in the Group buffer with
> asterisks in place of the number of messages and none of them could be
> accessed.

(setq gnus-secondary-select-method '(nnml))

just tells gnus to use nnml
as an secindary method.

The mail splitting part comes next

(setq nnmail-split-incoming t)
;;then the split part wher you can use reg_expr.

(setq nnmail-split-methods

        '("mail.somegroupname"  "^")

         ("mail.misc" "")) 

The `mail.misc' group is the mail-bucket where everything non-matching
by any splitting rule goes.
Be aware that sorting is sequential, so the first match goes. 


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