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Re: pointer focus

From: Peter Lee
Subject: Re: pointer focus
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2003 15:25:14 GMT
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>>>> twylie  writes:

    twylie> At home, when I use emacs on my windows machine, the mouse
    twylie> pointer always stays on top of the emacs terminal even
    twylie> when I'm typing in it; this can be rather distracting. Is
    twylie> there a setting to make the pointer go away once you start
    twylie> using the terminal?

Does this help?

,----[ C-h f mouse-avoidance-mode RET ]
| mouse-avoidance-mode is an interactive autoloaded Lisp function in `avoid'.
| (mouse-avoidance-mode &optional MODE)
| Set cursor avoidance mode to MODE.
| MODE should be one of the symbols `banish', `exile', `jump', `animate',
| `cat-and-mouse', `proteus', or `none'.
| If MODE is nil, toggle mouse avoidance between `none' and `banish'
| modes.  Positive numbers and symbols other than the above are treated
| as equivalent to `banish'; negative numbers and `-' are equivalent to `none'.
| Effects of the different modes:
|  * banish: Move the mouse to the upper-right corner on any keypress.
|  * exile: Move the mouse to the corner only if the cursor gets too close,
|      and allow it to return once the cursor is out of the way.
|  * jump: If the cursor gets too close to the mouse, displace the mouse
|      a random distance & direction.
|  * animate: As `jump', but shows steps along the way for illusion of motion.
|  * cat-and-mouse: Same as `animate'.
|  * proteus: As `animate', but changes the shape of the mouse pointer too.
| Whenever the mouse is moved, the frame is also raised.
| (see `mouse-avoidance-threshold' for definition of "too close",
| and `mouse-avoidance-nudge-dist' and `mouse-avoidance-nudge-var' for
| definition of "random distance".)

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