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Re: TT fonts in Emacs

From: Björn Lindström
Subject: Re: TT fonts in Emacs
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 18:25:30 +0200
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jasonr (Jason Rumney) @ writes:

> (Björn Lindström) writes:
>> I'm having some trouble understanding how I should specify a TT font
>> (in this case, Bitstream Vera Mono) for Emacs in my xresources. Can
>> anyone spread some light over this?
> The same way as any other scalable font.
> Find out the font's full name using xlsfonts or similar, and fill in
> one of the size fields in the XFLD descriptor.
> Eg if xlsfonts returns:
> -bitstream-Bitstream Vera Sans Mono-medium-r-normal--0-0-96-96-m-0-iso8859-1
> then for a 11pt font in Emacs use:
> -bitstream-Bitstream Vera Sans Mono-medium-r-normal--*-110-96-96-m-*-iso8859-1

Thanks for the advice. However, the Vera fonts does not appear in the
xlsfonts listing, or in xfontsel. This is weird, since I can use them in
Mozilla. Using the -o parameter to xlsfonts doesn't help, either.

Björn Lindström <>

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