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Re: ECB: when is a method shown?

From: Klaus Berndl
Subject: Re: ECB: when is a method shown?
Date: 12 Oct 2003 15:43:25 +0200
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On Fri, 10 Oct 2003, Thomas Langen wrote:

>  I am a newbie with ECB; I just start using it with rather a large
>  (existing) project with C++, Java, and CORBA IDL files.
>  I notice that for some files, visiting them makes ECB parse them and
>  show up its methods, for others (with nearly the same structure), no
>  methods are shown.
>  I cannot figure out on what this behaviour depends, nor what I can do
>  to make ECB take notice of the methods in an existing file.
>  Any idea?

ECB can parse and display-contents of two different file categories:

1. Semantic supported files: For these files a semantic-parser exists. If
   semantic and the maje-mode-hooks of the related major-modes are setup
   correctly ECB does what you expect it to do - parsing and displaying the
   file-contents. This type of files is the best supported type. See the
   subnode "Setting up Emacs" of the ECB-info-manual (activate it with C-c .
   o). BTW: C++ and Java are semantic supported!

2. Non-semantic- but imenu- or etags-supported files: In general ECB can parse
   all files which can be parsed by speedbar. Do not know if IDL-files are
   supported either by imenu or etags but i know that IDL is not supported by

What are your problems? Are only files of one language not displayed correctly
or arbitrary files regardless of their language?

If a C++- or Java-file is not parsed correctly you can send me this file via
email and i will test it.

BTW: Their is a mailing-list for ECB:
Please send all bug-reports and questions about ECB to this list. The best way
is to use the command `ecb-submit-problem-report'.


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