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Re: *real* number of lines a window can display currently

From: Alan Wehmann
Subject: Re: *real* number of lines a window can display currently
Date: 13 Oct 2003 20:03:59 -0500

calc.el could use such a function.  If you want more justification for
this statement I'd have to refresh my memory about the details of how
its stack is displayed & I'd probably refer you to some old posts on
the subject (in comp.emacs).  To get the stack to display correctly in
different situations, I've just empirically altered one of its
functions so that it works.  My situations are Windows 2000 Pro at
work, XEmacs 21.4.8, Windows 98 at home, XEmacs 21.4.8, a Sun platform
at work--accessed via Telnet in console mode & with Xemacs 20.4
(earlier with Emacs 19.34), and Mandrake Linux 9.0 at home, with a
forgotten version of XEmacs and both in console mode and with

Stefan Monnier <> writes:

> > `window-displayed-height' is a built-in function
> > (window-displayed-height &optional WINDOW)
> [...]
> > This is what i search for GNU Emacs 21.X... Does something like
> > this exist or is there another way to reach my goal?
> I don't think such a thing exists or can be coded in elisp (the
> count-screen-lines function fails in several cases other the one you
> mention).  But coding it in C shouldn't be too difficult: just look
> at the number of rows in the glyph matrix [he said, pretending he
> known what he's talking about].
> I'm curious to know what you need it for,
>         Stefan

Alan Wehmann

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