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Re: OT: Run Ant in MingW shell?

From: Kai Grossjohann
Subject: Re: OT: Run Ant in MingW shell?
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 00:24:34 +0200
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Eli Zaretskii <> writes:

>> From: (Kai Grossjohann)
>> Newsgroups:
>> Date: 9 Oct 2003 01:18:45 -0700
>> I searched Google and Gmane for a pertinent group but couldn't find
>> one
> There's a MinGW mailing list (sorry, I don't know its exact name)
> which I think is a better place.

Okay, I'll have a look.  (In fact, I found
gmane.comp.gnu.mingw.{user,msys} on gmane.  I'll ask there.)

>> I started a MingW shell under Emacs via the following setup and then
>> hitting M-x shell:
>> (setq explicit-sh.exe-args '("--noediting" "--login" "-i"))
>> (setq explicit-shell-file-name "sh.exe")
>> In that shell, I say "cd work/bla", then I say "ant -emacs compile",
>> and this is the response:
>> ~/work/bla> ant -emacs compile
>> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/tools/ant/Main
>> Exception in thread "main" ~/work/bla> 
>> I look at $CLASSPATH and it's the same as under CMD.EXE.  But there,
>> Ant works.

Correction: it seems that $CLASSPATH looks like c:/foo;c:/bar, note
the semicolon and the forward slashes.

>> Any idea how to get it working?
> No idea, but here are a few questions that might provide some insight:
>   . What happens if you start the MinGW shell outside Emacs with the
>     same options shown above, and then run Ant?

Same as above.

>   . What happens if you start CMD under Emacs and then run Ant?

Works fine.

>   . What happens if you start the MinGW shell outside Emacs, but with
>     stdin and stdout redirected to a file, and then run Ant (e.g.,
>     have the Ant command on the file where you redirect the shell's
>     stdin)?

No idea.

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