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Re: no connection lisp-mode buffer and *inferior-lisp*

From: Gunter Bengel
Subject: Re: no connection lisp-mode buffer and *inferior-lisp*
Date: 15 Oct 2003 14:04:39 +0200
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Orm Finnendahl <> writes:

> Hi,
> I posted the message below a couple of days ago and didn't get any
> response. I guess not many people on this list are using ilisp but
> maybe someone can redirect me to some place where I could get help?

Try in comp.lang.lisp. I´m sure the people there ca n and will help


Gunter Bengel  <>  
Mathematisches Institut der WWU Muenster
Einsteinstrasse 62 , D-48149  Muenster,Germany
Tel. 0251/83-32484

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