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Re: How to copy rectangles

From: Sandip Chitale
Subject: Re: How to copy rectangles
Date: 15 Oct 2003 11:14:49 -0700 (Gareth Rees) wrote in message 
> Sandip Chitale:
> > Can anyone tell me as to why [kill-rectangle-save] is not supported by
> > Emacs by default? One would think this is very useful and commonly
> > used function.
> I don't know.  It's probably an oversight.  Why not report it (use M-x
> report-emacs-bug) or submit a patch?  The hardest part of implementing
> it would be to pick a good default keybinding (perhaps 'C-x r C-w' or
> 'C-x r M-w'?).

I have sent the following bug report to

There is copy-rectangle-to-register but no mechanism to copy
rectangle to kill ring which can be pasted using 

C-x r y (i.e. yank-rectangle)

However there is no kill-rectangle-save which is along the lines of
kill-ring-save except it applies to rectangle.

Proposed key binding:

C-x r M-w.

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