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Re: emacsclient: controlling from an application?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: emacsclient: controlling from an application?
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 18:44:30 GMT
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>> I know I can set the auto-save-visited-file-name variable so that
>> auto-saves write to the original file;

> I recommend you don't do that.  The auto-save file is written using
> Emacs's internal encoding of characters, so unless you stick to pure ASCII,
> you will get incorrect results.  And Emacs will be all confused, thinking
> that some external process is modifying the file.

Oops.  I don't know the idiot who write the above 4 lines ;-)
but I do know he's wrong.  He must have confused the variable
with another one.
But then again, maybe he has a point and a bug-report is in order.


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