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Re: How to set alias to drectory in .emacs?

From: F. Chen
Subject: Re: How to set alias to drectory in .emacs?
Date: 16 Oct 2003 01:52:39 -0700

Tim X <> wrote in message 
> >>>>> "F" == F Chen <> writes:
>  F> Hello there: This probably is a very FAQ, but I am having trouble
>  F> finding a solution, hence here to ask again.
>  F> I'd like to know how to set an alias for a direcory in emacs, e.g.
>  F> alias wd = "/Home/self/private/Work/Papers/InProgress/", so
>  F> everytime I want to open a file in that directory but from a
>  F> different location, I can do something along the line of C-x C-f
>  F> type wd, then file name.
>  F> Any help will be greatly appreciated.
>  F> fc
> Though not exactly what you want, I think the ffap pakage has the
> facility to set a default search path. With this, if you try to open a
> file which doesn't exist in the current directory, it will search for
> the file in a list of directories you specify. You could make that
> list the home or default place to look.
> If thats not sufficient for what you want, the package may give you
> some clues on how you could put together your own lisp code to do it.
> Tim

Thanks Tim, this seems to be a useful package to use, that would save
a bit typing if I can search files this way.


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