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RE: Running a SFU POSIX shell on Emacs for Windows

From: andrew . maguire
Subject: RE: Running a SFU POSIX shell on Emacs for Windows
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 07:57:11 -0400

> After adding to ~/.emacs the commands
>       (setq explicit-shell-file-name "C:\\WINNT\\System32\\posix.exe")
>       (setq explicit-posix.exe-args '("/u" "/c" "/bin/csh" "-l"))
> The following warning is given.
>       csh: No entry for terminal type "emacs"
>       csh: using dumb terminal setting
> As per Emacs Windows FAQ I added the following to ~/.cshrc:
>       if ("$term" == emacs) set term=interix
> There remains the problem that the output of any Windows 
> program called by the shell is not displayed. This indicates 
> that the output stream is misdirected. How could this be corrected?

If /u means the same as it does for cmd.exe, then the unicode output
could be causing it...

The -l option to csh may be to run it as a login shell (ref to Linux
you could try changing it to be -i, i.e. make csh run in interactive mode...
since this is what Emacs shell mode tries to do if you do not set the
explicit-*-args variable. In shell.el on HP-UX for csh it also passes -T
option which is some switch related to setting of TERM.

What happens if you leave TERM set to dumb rather than interix?

There is the possibility that posix.exe writes to the screen using the CON
device, if that is so then I think you are out of luck although that idea
may be out of date (anyone?).

I do not have SFU so I cannot check anything out I'm afraid.


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