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Re: f90 comments indentation

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: f90 comments indentation
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 18:12:37 GMT
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> I am writing f90 programs and I have turned auto-fill mode on.  I want my
> comments to be indented to where my earlier comment line starts.  So, for
> example, what I want is this (irrespective of the comment column)

> real, (kind=long), dimension(3,3) :: abcd ! This is a test
>                                           ! comment

> But, what I get is

> real, (kind=long), dimension(3,3) :: abcd ! This is a test
> ! comment

If this is what you get after hitting SPC (which triggered auto-fill),
then it's a bug that you should report with M-x report-emacs-bug (although
you might want to check whether it's already fixed in a more recent version
of Emacs first).
If that's what you get after hitting TAB on the second line, then it's
a problem with indentation of comments (which is sadly partly separate from
the indentation that takes place during auto-fill) and there might be
some convention that you need to follow (such as using some other comment
marker, or using two or three ! or ...).


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