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Re: Example using x-popup-menu needed

From: Bruce Ingalls
Subject: Re: Example using x-popup-menu needed
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 16:11:16 GMT
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Dave Neubart wrote:
Can someone give a very short, simple example of  using this function?

Here's an excerpt from <url: > which makes it *easy* to create popups, and there's a port to XEmacs there, too.
Unfortunately, it is not the *correct* way, which is to use keymaps.

What is delaying me from doing this the correct way, is that I haven't seen any simple keymaps, and I'm not sure, how to deal with commands such as "Goto Line" below, which is not bound to a key (but I am about to bind to M-g, anyway)

The example below is easy to edit, and gives Emacs a KDE/Gnome look & feel.

;;;;;;          choose-from-menu
;;From Sandip Chitale <sandipchitale(at)attbi(dot)com>

(defun choose-from-menu (menu-title menu-items)
  "Choose from a list of choices from a popup menu.
See `popup-commands' which calls this"
  (let ((item)
    (while menu-items
      (setq item (car menu-items))
      (if (consp item)
   (setq item-list (cons (cons (car item) (cdr item) ) item-list))
 (setq item-list (cons (cons item item) item-list)))
      (setq menu-items (cdr menu-items))
(x-popup-menu t (list menu-title (cons menu-title (nreverse item-list))))))

  (defun right-popup ()
    "Show a popup menu of commands. See also `choose-from-menu'."
(cons "Copy C-insert" "(call-interactively 'copy-region-as-kill)")
         (cons "Goto Line"            "(call-interactively 'goto-line)")
         (cons "Paste/yank        S-insert"   "(yank)")
         (cons "Redo"                 "(redo)")
         (cons "Search files"         "(call-interactively 'grep)")
         (cons "Undo                 C-_"     "(undo)")
         (cons "Word completion M-/"  "(call-interactively 'dabbrev-expand)")

  (global-set-key [mouse-3] 'right-popup)

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