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Re: auto-fill mode in java-mode

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Re: auto-fill mode in java-mode
Date: 19 Oct 2003 02:07:31 -0700
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Adam Hardy <> writes:

> Actually is 72 the standard email line length? As I said earlier,
> my requirement is to have all the code easily emailable without
> being rewrapped by the email software.

RFC 822, which defines the format of email messages (or did until
it was replaced by RFC 2822), notes that "long lines" is commonly
understood to be lines that are "greater than 65 or 72
characters." RFC 2822 says that a line "SHOULD be no more than
78 characters, excluding the CRLF." RFC 1855, "Netiquette
Guidelines", Section 2.1.1 ("For mail") requests that line length
be limited to "fewer than 65 characters."

Keeping line length under 65 also allows several levels of
quoting prefixes before overflow becomes a danger; for this
reason, I keep my fill-column set to 65.


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