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Re: Is it better to use eLISP or Common LISP?

From: Tim X
Subject: Re: Is it better to use eLISP or Common LISP?
Date: 22 Oct 2003 18:23:08 +1000
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>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Anderson <> writes:

 >> >> I know that I can either use Emacs LISP or the eLISP file that
 >> >> interfaces with common LISP.
 >> I don't know what this means. What "elisp file that interfaces
 >> with common lisp". If you want emacs to do things, then you can
 >> use emacs lisp, or emacs lisp.

 Dan> I think I found an emacs lisp file that allows you to extend
 Dan> emacs using common lisp.  Perhaps I was reading the manifest
 Dan> wrong.

You may be thinking about the cl package which adds many common lisp
features to emacs lisp, such as 'declaim, proclaim etc'. It is
documented in its own info pages under CL.


Tim Cross
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