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RE: Adaptive fill question

From: Richard Bourgon
Subject: RE: Adaptive fill question
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 00:46:44 GMT
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Thanks for your replies so far. 

Following up on suggestions/questions, I checked the fill-prefix variable 
and it is nil -- so that's not the problem. I am using Emacs 21.2 in text 
mode ("M-x text-mode").

My understanding is that paragraphs whose start matches the adaptive-fill-
regexp will have the matching string carried into subsequent lines when 
lines get wrapped, provided that this string also matches the adaptive-
fill-first-line-regexp. If the matched string fails to match adaptive-fill-
first-line-regexp, then it gets replaced with white space in subsequent 
lines, so you get a nice hanging indent for your paragraph number.

My adaptive-fill-regexp is detecting paragraph numbers, but for some reason 
I'm getting these numbers wrapped into the subsequent line as well.

- Richard

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