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Re: Can't kill processes as root in *shell*

From: Brendan Halpin
Subject: Re: Can't kill processes as root in *shell*
Date: 24 Oct 2003 09:33:19 +0100
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Kevin Rodgers <> writes:

> Brendan Halpin wrote:
> > In shell-mode, if I "su -", I find that C-c C-c no longer works to
> > kill processes.
> Works for me.  What version of Emacs are you using, on what platform?
> What shell do you use?  (I assume root uses /bin/sh.)  What command are
> you trying to interrupt?  (I assume it's not a pipeline or a subshell.)

21.2 under RH9, 21.3 under RH7.1, root is using /bin/bash. Ordinary
"single" commands, e.g. "ping".

To my surprise, Kin Cho's suggestion of C-q C-c RET works,
reminding me how little I know about Emacs and its underlays.

Brendan Halpin,  Department of Sociology,  University of Limerick,  Ireland
Tel: w +353-61-213147 f +353-61-202569 h +353-61-390476; Room F2-025 x 3147

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