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Re: popup menu code

From: Bruce Ingalls
Subject: Re: popup menu code
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 17:10:49 GMT
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Stefan Monnier wrote:
Does this work?  I know it does in easy-menus,...
I could not figure out, how to get easy-menu working for popups.
Having XEmacs portable code would be nice.

Better use an `activate' property.  Check out the elisp documentation.
More specifically, look for `menu-item' in the index.
I could not find activate nor menu-item from C-h a apropos.
I was a little overwhelmed, looking at advise's ad-activate

IIRC, you can get rid of right-popup and just do
  (global-set-key [mouse-3] right-popup-menu)
did not work for me.

However, thanks to your advice, I am happy with this reworked, working code
at bottom.
The only annoyance, is that I am picking up f16 & f20 as the (sun keyboard)
keybindings for cut and copy, likely from cua.el

;;;;;;          Customize A Popup Menu

(defun menu-copy() "Wrapper to call `copy-region-as-kill' from menu."
  (when mark-active 'copy-region-as-kill))
(defun menu-cut() "Wrapper to `call kill-region' from menu."
  (when (and mark-active (not buffer-read-only)
             (call-interactively 'kill-region))))
(defun menu-paste() "Wrapper to call `yank' from menu."
  (when (not buffer-read-only) (call-interactively 'yank)))

(defvar right-popup-menu
  (let ((menu (make-sparse-keymap "Commands")))
(define-key menu [dabbrev-expand] (cons "Complete word" 'dabbrev-expand))
    (define-key menu [undo] (cons "Undo" 'undo))
    (define-key menu [redo] (cons "Redo" 'redo))

    (define-key menu [--] (cons "--" 'nil)) ;separator

    (define-key menu [menu-paste] (cons "Paste" 'yank))
    (define-key menu [menu-copy] (cons "Copy" 'copy-region-as-kill))
    (define-key menu [menu-cut] (cons "Cut" 'kill-region))

    (define-key menu [-] (cons "-" 'nil)) ;separator
    (define-key menu [emacro-help]
      (cons (concat "EMacro v" emacro-version) 'emacro-help))

(defun right-popup() "Run the command selected from `right-popup-menu'."
(call-interactively (or (car (x-popup-menu t right-popup-menu)) 'ignore)))

(global-set-key [mouse-3] 'right-popup)

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