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Re: Tramp login failure on Mac OS X

From: Piet van Oostrum
Subject: Re: Tramp login failure on Mac OS X
Date: 27 Oct 2003 12:52:07 +0100
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>>>>> Matthew Calhoun <> (MC) wrote:

MC> I saw a reference to that setting in the archives, but it seemed to
MC> indicate that bad things could happen as a result of setting
MC> process-connection-type to t on OS X. I didn't fully understand the
MC> documentation for process-connection-type, so I left it alone.

MC> I tried it just now, and now Tramp does indeed work. Very nice, if a bit
MC> slow. Is this solution likely to cause other problems, though?

Setting process-connection-type to non-nil can make other things fail.
Especially it can cause subprocesses to lose some of their output. I have
experienced this with AUCTeX. So I have in my .emacs file:

(setq process-connection-type nil)

And this causes tramp to fail in the way you described.

I got around this with the following code:

(defadvice tramp-maybe-open-connection 
  (around set-process-connection-type)
  "Set process-connection-type to pty."
  (let ((process-connection-type 'pty))
(ad-activate 'tramp-maybe-open-connection)

Piet van Oostrum <>
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