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Re: Slightly OT: Where are keycodes defined for emacs -nw in X-Windows?

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: Slightly OT: Where are keycodes defined for emacs -nw in X-Windows?
Date: 28 Oct 2003 13:17:13 GMT
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Alan Mackenzie <none@example.invalid> wrote:
> Thomas Dickey <> wrote on 26 Oct 2003 16:15:57
> GMT:
>> Alan Mackenzie <none@example.invalid> wrote:

>>> On my xterm, the modifier keys get filtered out, so that C-up and up
>>> degenerate into the same event sequence.  :-(

>> a vt102, you may recall, doesn't have modifiers...

> Well, funnily enough, in the twenty years since I last used one, that
> fact seemed to have slipped my mind.  ;-)  The next question, of course,
> is why on earth are we emulating a VT102, when "we" just want a command
> line window?  Maybe I should look for a different emulator, "linux-term"
> (or whatever).

oddly enough, Linux console uses modifiers less than xterm.

XFree86 xterm keyboard handling normally (the default resource settings),
does use modifiers (but your posting implied that you're not seeing that

as for why (vt102 - or vt220) because it simplifies using systems that
people occasionally find useful.  A complete redesign won't solve that

>> start with man X11.

> I Haven't got it.  Haven't got "man x11" either, but "man X" works.
> Maybe that's because my system is very old.  In that manual page they go
> with the "warm cosy feeling" approach too:

it seems to depend on the system - I was quoting from Solaris' xterm manpage

xterm control sequences is not a manpage - there's an nroff-formatted copy off
my webpage (but it looks nicer in postscript).

> From X man page:
>> To  make the tailoring of applications to personal preferences easier,
>> X provides a mechanism for  storing  default values  for program
>> resources (e.g. background color, window title, etc.)  Resources are
>> specified as strings  that are  read  in  from  various places when an
>> application is run.  

> So, one can store default values of program "resources";  but still no
> sentence which has "resource" as the subject and "is" as the verb.  I
> think "resource" is the X11 term for what sensible programs call
> "settings" or "options" (or "customizable variables" ;-) and patronising
> programs call "preferences".  It would be nice to be told, though, rather
> than having to pick it up osmotically.

like all jargon - it's simple if you're familiar with it.
(and once familiar, one forgets that it's jargon).

Thomas E. Dickey

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