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Re: emacs vs

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Re: emacs vs
Date: 28 Oct 2003 22:56:32 -0800
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"William Shieh" <> writes:

> hi,
> i'm very new to email and the system i'm using most of the time is win32.
> could someone give me some example why emacs is so powerful? from what i
> could see is that it takes more key to do a simple copy and paste than
> notepad.

I doubt that. AIUI, in most environments, simply selecting a region of
text should *automatically* place it in the kill-ring, and
hitting the middle mouse button (or for you more likely:
"chording" the left and right mouse buttons) should paste it in
spot. This is significantly *less* work than most other text
editors (though it's standard for UNIX-style systems). If the
chording doesn't do it, control-y will. In the very worst of
circumstances (but still assuming a windowed environment), you
might have to select the region and then hit alt-w before it gets
into the kill-ring, but I really doubt it: and even then, that's
no more keystrokes than in Notepad.

> i know notepad is probably not a good example, however, can anyone
> give me a good reason why you use emacs instead of from ms?

Apart from the fact that doesn't produce ELF binaries for
GNU/Linux? ;-)

It's so very, *very* customizable! ...And if there's something I
don't like about it, if I dislike it enough to change it, then I

Micah J. Cowan

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