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Pasting from Emacs to Mozilla in Mandrake

From: Sapient Fridge
Subject: Pasting from Emacs to Mozilla in Mandrake
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 08:12:16 +0000
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Has anyone found a way to get Emacs working in Mandrake so that you can copy and paste text into Mozilla?

I end up pasting text between the two quite a lot because I run an anti-spam site that tracks spamware web pages. Not being able to paste from Emacs to Mozilla is a real problem.

I've tried running up Xemacs and I can paste from it but unfortunately it not only doesn't understand some of my .emacs settings (e.g. set-background-color) it deletes the bloody file when it starts up!

I'm running Mozilla 1.5 and Emacs 21.3.1 on Mandrake 9.1
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