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end-of-line $ in multiline regexp replace

From: Leo
Subject: end-of-line $ in multiline regexp replace
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 11:22:25 +1100

hi there

want to replace a multiline regexp by an one-line replacement. (in fact i
just want to delete the line with the regexp.)

so, at first i tried:
        (query-replace-regexp ".*bytes.*$[ctrl-q][ctrl-j]" "" nil nil nil)
which did not find any line. :-(

then i just tried the same without the end-of-line "$":
        (query-replace-regexp ".*bytes.*[ctrl-q][ctrl-j]" "" nil nil nil)
and that worked.

i don't understand, why? the first regexp ".*bytes.*$[ctrl-q][ctrl-j]" seems
to me even >>more valid<< then the second one.

any explanations?

tanks and cheers, leo

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