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Re: another key-binding question

From: Armstrong
Subject: Re: another key-binding question
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2003 00:05:39 +0800
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i`m using Redhat, KDE.
xev says that the <menu> key was
keycode 117 (keysym 0xff67, Menu)

hope you can help.


Leo wrote:

> what is your menu key? on what platform do you find it?
> leo
> Armstrong wrote:
>> hi,
>> how can i make the <menu> key behaves
>> as the <meta> key under emacs.
>> when i start emacs using:
>> # emacs -nw
>> the <menu> key does nothing at all.
>> when is emacs starts in x, the <menu>
>> key is fine.
>> thanks.

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