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Re: rmail search

From: Alan Wehmann
Subject: Re: rmail search
Date: 01 Nov 2003 20:24:17 -0600

The following is documented.  Is this what you need?

M-s runs `rmail-search'

`rmail-search' is an interactive compiled Lisp function
  -- loaded from "rmail.elc"
(rmail-search REGEXP &optional N)

Show message containing next match for REGEXP.
Prefix argument gives repeat count; negative argument means search
backwards (through earlier messages).
Interactively, empty argument means use same regexp used last time.

schaecsn <> writes:

> Hi 
> I wonder how I can search for a string in all emails (not just the
> subject line or the current email).
> Thanks Stefan

Alan Wehmann

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