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Re: compiling emacs for 486 mulinux

From: Jonathan Kurtz
Subject: Re: compiling emacs for 486 mulinux
Date: 2 Nov 2003 10:19:21 -0800

Stefan Monnier chiseled very nicely in


thank you again :)
figured it out on weekend myself:
ldd /root/emacs
ldd: can't execute emacs (No such a file or directory)

> > still I'm getting this error:
> > /root/emacs: not found 
> > anyone know what I'm missing?
> It's built using a different version of libc (or of, most likely).
> The `not found' message is probably confusingly referring to
> /lib/ or something like that.
you were right. :(

Does anybody know where to get that old libs on the internet? I need
them in kernelversion 2.0.36 (mulinux) for recompiling emacs again -
and to put the whole thing back on mulinx.
Well I'll try to recompile emacs with mulinux's,, and - but without,
compiling will probably fail. [1]
I'll post again, if it worked -



[1] maybe I was looking in the wrong place: it's either in /usr/lib,
nor in /lib

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