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Re: emacs vs

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: emacs vs
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 04:33:18 +0200
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Vagn Johansen <> writes:
> Jason Earl <> writes:
>> Vagn Johansen <> writes:
>>> That should have been "Gnus does NOT support searching in multiple
>>> groups."
>> For searching I use find and grep :).
> Well, then all mail readers that store mail messages as text files
> ".. has all sorts of tools for plowing through huge piles of email" (as
> you write).

Still, find and grep are useless if mail readers store mail messages
in quoted-printable or base64 formats.

> All my emails are a knowledge base along with a lot of small text files I
> write. I am planning to convert my text files into emacs-wiki files for
> easier navigation.
> Searching is important to me, that is why I am working on my own search
> software to search Gnus mails and a lot of other file types: txt, html,
> mp3, doc, etc.

Searching is only one type of application for knowledge processing.
Another type is category-based directories (most famous types of
these applications are Google and Yahoo).  While searching is more
easy to use, however, it often produces less relevant results than
those that can be found in manually created indexes.  I think that
category-based directories are more useful for personal information
indexing because of their manageable size.  I am working now on the
Emacs package that organizes personal information into categories and
displays them under different views.


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