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Re: copy/paste with other programs

From: Oliver Sturm
Subject: Re: copy/paste with other programs
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 10:34:43 +0100
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On Tue, 04 Nov 2003 14:33:46 -0500, wrote:

> I've never been totally clear on this, but there is a setting in the
> "killing" group in the customization buffers called "X Select Enable
> Clipboard." I think, but I'm not sure, that this is the setting that does
> this.

Ok, I tried this, but it didn't make any change to the interaction between
Emacs and this version of Evolution (1.2.4). Maybe it's all Evolution's
fault after all... I thought I had seen the same problematic behavior with
other applications and Emacs in the past, but I couldn't find another app
now that shows this. Seems like I'll have to update Evolution to get this
to work. Thanks for your help!

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