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US Stock Market: AZAA - Military Aircraft Related Stock... xq wykoqgheo

From: Coleen Hale
Subject: US Stock Market: AZAA - Military Aircraft Related Stock... xq wykoqgheo
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 03 15:37:18 GMT

US Stock Market - UP On the NEWS...AZAA

BREAKING NEWS - TUCSON, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Arizona Aircraft Spares, Inc. 
(OTCBB: AZAA) - one of the leading military aircraft spare parts manufacturers 
- announces it has signed a letter of commitment with Wolfe and Turner 
Investments to obtain a 6 million dollar non-equity asset-backed loan. The loan 
would have a ten-year term with a 25-year amortization schedule. AZAA is 
currently completing the due diligence phase and anticipates that funding will 
occur prior to December 1, 2003.

Despite the current boost in government military spending, aircraft used by the 
US Air Force and other armed forces are now older than
everÿFFFF9723 years on average.  B-52's are older than their pilots, with no 
plans to build new bombers for the next 10 years.  Result: Aging aircraft 
require ever-increasing amounts of expensive maintenance, repairs and 
replacement parts.

Arizona Aircraft Spares' market potential is measured in billions of dollars. 
The company works directly with the U.S. Government and other international 
world governments. The proposed U.S. military budget alone is 399.1 
billion-dollars, of which twenty-five percent is allocated for spare parts and 
ground support systems.

Arizona Aircraft Spares focuses exclusively on manufacturing military aircraft 
spare parts. The majority of the company's business comes from the U.S. 
Government ÿFFFF96 the Army, Navy and Air Force branches of the U.S.
Military. Working with the U.S. Military represents the least cash intensive 
growth strategy for the company, as the government systematically pays within 
30 days after the company has shipped the product. Furthermore, Arizona 
Aircraft Spares is eligible for the ÿFFFF93Progressive PaymentÿFFFF94
program whereby the company can collect upwards of 80% of the contract's total 
value prior to completion of the contract.

AZAA has worked with over 20 international governments and continues to 
maintain international clients apart from the U.S. Government. All other orders 
are required to put an upfront deposit on all contracts awarded. Arizona 
Aircraft Spares as a public company can take full advantage of the 
opportunities in the international markets with enhanced liquidity to execute 
larger international projects.

Arizona Aircraft Spares, Inc. works primarily with the U.S. Government, 
focusing exclusively on the Army, Navy and Air Force branches of the U.S. 
Military as well as foreign ally countries.  The company receives its contracts 
from the Department of Defense Logistics Services located in either Richmond, 
Virginia or Columbus, Ohio. These two sites represent the central purchasing 
group for U.S. Government military contracts, and the point of origin for all 
U.S. military bids and contracts.

On average, Arizona Aircraft Spares receives over 600 requests to bid on US. 
military spare parts every week. Occasionally, Arizona Aircraft Spares receives 
orders from other U.S. Government Prime Contractors, such as Boeing and 
Northrop Grumman. This typically happens in situations when these companies 
surmise that Arizona Aircraft Spares can provide the spare parts at a better 
cost efficiency than them.

To find out more, go to:

AZAA IS IN NO WAY associated with this newsletter.

This is for information puposes only. Penny stocks are considered to be highly 
speculative and may be unsuitable for all but very aggressive investors.  We do 
not hold or plan to hold a position in this stock.  This Profile was a paid 
advertisement by a third party not affiliated with the profiled company.  We 
were compensated 3000 dollars to distribute this report only. Please always 
consult a registered financial advisor before making any decisions.  This 
report is for entertainment and advertising purposes only and should not be 
used as investment advice.

No more advertising:

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