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Re: Load other program from emacs

From: Richard
Subject: Re: Load other program from emacs
Date: 5 Nov 2003 18:03:19 -0800

Thanks a lot! It workds very well except a buffer call 'Async Shell
Command' popup. It not a problem, but if any method can hide it
automatically will make things better.


Joakim Hove <> wrote in message 
> Li Chen <> writes:
> > Is there any method which can load other programs within emacs and
> > return the control to emacs immediately instead leave emacs waiting
> > until that program was ended?
> C-h f shell-command:
>   shell-command is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `simple'.
>   (shell-command COMMAND &optional OUTPUT-BUFFER ERROR-BUFFER)
>   Execute string COMMAND in inferior shell; display output, if any.
>   With prefix argument, insert the COMMAND's output at point.
>   If COMMAND ends in ampersand, execute it asynchronously.
>   The output appears in the buffer `*Async Shell Command*'.
>   That buffer is in shell mode.
>   ...
>   ...
> So, adding an "&" at the end of the command should do the trick?
> HTH - Joakim

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