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Re: What the next machine will be like after iMac.

From: Tim McNamara
Subject: Re: What the next machine will be like after iMac.
Date: 07 Nov 2003 08:33:42 -0600
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Don Saklad <> writes:

> You want to wait for the next design for a machine to be made
> available before buying a new computer. What might the next machines
> be like?...  What are the rumors about what the next mahines will be
> when the latest iMac now is considered passe?...
> This might be considered directed to Apple Computer users.

And might be more appropriately directed to comp.sys.mac.* 

As a long-term Mac user (since 1986) and recent Emacs convert (thanks
to OS X and also to Andrew C.), my guess is that the "future" machine
will be a laptop with a wireless connection to a large flat panel
desktop display, as well as wireless networking, wireless mouses,
wireless storage, wireless keyboard, etc.  Look to see your power cord
being the only wire connected to your computer.  And look to see this
design on the market within the next two years, at the high end with
dual G5 processors.

A better question for this newsgroup is "what's the future of Emacs?" 

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