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Re: What the next machine will be like after iMac.

From: Stephen H. Westin
Subject: Re: What the next machine will be like after iMac.
Date: 07 Nov 2003 10:17:28 -0500
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Tim McNamara <> writes:

> Don Saklad <> writes:
> > You want to wait for the next design for a machine to be made
> > available before buying a new computer. What might the next machines
> > be like?...  What are the rumors about what the next mahines will be
> > when the latest iMac now is considered passe?...
> > 
> > This might be considered directed to Apple Computer users.
> And might be more appropriately directed to comp.sys.mac.* 

Wait. Maybe, since Apple sells a machine called the eMac, he thought
that was the subject of this group.


-Stephen H. Westin
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