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Re: Cool and Useful LISP for the .emacs file

From: Jesper Harder
Subject: Re: Cool and Useful LISP for the .emacs file
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2003 02:22:46 +0100
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"Jody M. Klymak" <> writes:

> My point was that the rut occupied by C, python, perl, etc is wide
> and shallow compared to the rather narrow and deep rut occupied by
> lisp.  I'm not trying to say that lisp is a bad language, but,
> adapting to new habits takes time.

Well, languages like C or Java would be completely unsuitable as an
Emacs extension language because they're non-interactive and static.

If you couldn't extend Emacs interactively, then Emacs wouldn't really
be fundamentally different from, say, vim.

Python might be adequate.  But it's less powerful than Lisp, so in
that sense it would be a step in the wrong direction.

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