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Re: Cool and Useful LISP for the .emacs file

From: Orm Finnendahl
Subject: Re: Cool and Useful LISP for the .emacs file
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 13:03:36 +0100
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Am 08. November 2003, 11:15 Uhr (+0100) schrieb Oliver Scholz:
> Lisp is very friendly especially for beginners.

I agree. I had quite some problems learning Lisp *because* I was quite
fluent in imperative languages and used to be amazed reading about
lisp being easy to learn until I started teaching it by myself to
complete novices. They don't have any problems whatsoever. It is
amazing how fast they progress even with tricky tasks. Without any
doubt Lisp and especially scheme are very friendly to beginners and
would be my first choice for teaching programming.

I wouldn't start with emacs lisp for the tricky parts concerning
emacs, though.


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