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Question to completion

From: Klaus Berndl
Subject: Question to completion
Date: 08 Nov 2003 13:52:06 +0100
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Suppose i have s command like follows:

(defun offer-some-choices ()
  (completing-read "Select a name: " '(("Klaus" . t) ("Berndl" . t))))

Then this displays in the minibuffer "Select a name: " and then wait for input
from the user.

How can i achieve that always - *without* the user has to hit TAB - the
possible completions are displayed immediately?
Or with other words: How to simulate that the user has already pressed TAB as
often as necessary to display all possible completions? Best would be if the
longest common substring of all possible completions is displayed immediately
in the minibuffer (OK, this i could precompute with `try-completion' and then
insert as argument INITIAL-INPUT - but AFAIK this is deprecated?!).

But most important is that the user has not to hit any key to see all possible
completions. How to do this with completing-read - or is there a better way to
do this?

What i want is to (mis?)use the completion-feature of Emacs to offer the user
some choices which he can select either via mouse or via keyboard from the

Thanks a lot in advance!

Klaus Berndl                    mailto:
sd&m AG               
software design & management    
Carl-Wery-Str. 42, 81739 Muenchen, Germany
Tel +49 89 63812-392, Fax -220

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