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Re: Cool and Useful LISP for the .emacs file

From: Reiner Steib
Subject: Re: Cool and Useful LISP for the .emacs file
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2003 18:06:28 +0100
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On Fri, Nov 07 2003, lawrence mitchell wrote:

> Reiner Steib wrote:
>> |   (setq require-final-newline 'query)
>> Hm, it works, but maybe it should be "ask", see `files.el'.
> Whilst the defcustom form for REQUIRE-FINAL-NEWLINE has 'ask in
> it, note the docstring:
> | Non-nil but not t says ask user whether to add a newline when
> | there isn't one.  nil means don't add newlines.
> Though (setq require-final-newline 'fnord) should work equally well.

Yes you are right (I already said that it works, see above).  I
_thought_ that 'ask is more typical as 'query in Emacs and therefore
it's preferable to use it.  Grepping[1] the sources shows that 'query
is used two times (`checkdoc.el', `sendmail.el') and 'ask 11 times,
i.e. not so clear as I expected. ;-) Is there a coding convention for
'ask vs. 'query?

BTW, now I learned from (info "(elisp)Composite Types"), what's the
difference between (const :tag "Ask" foo) and (other :tag "Ask" foo)
in defcustom. :-)

Bye, Reiner.

[1] grep -n -e "\\(const\\|other\\).* \\(query\\|ask\\))" *.el */*.el  
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